I like a good meatball. I'll get them at a restaurant, a potluck, at Costco. Swedish, BBQ style, teriyaki, Italian. I just don't care. I personally feel that meatballs should be their own food group. So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I read an article about a meatball the size of a Turkey. Yikes. Now that's just awesome. 


The article is on a website called vergemagazine.co.uk. According to the article, 

“IKEA is offering fans the ultimate Christmas dinner showstopper this festive season, launching its first ever Turkey-Sized Meatball. Combining the scale of the UK’s favorite Christmastime poultry with the deliciousness of the IKEA meatball, the Turkey-Sized Meatball is a festive centerpiece that’s likely to prompt laughter and joy.” 

I mean look at this photo it's spectacular. 


Vergemagazine.co.uk goes on to say in their article,  

“The extra-large signature IKEA meatball – at a feed-the-extended-family-scale of 4.5kg in weight – comes boxed and ready to cook complete with IKEA’s classic meatball accompaniments of lingonberry jam and deliciously creamy sauce. When paired with all the traditional Christmas trimmings it’s designed to be the centerpiece of any festive family meal.” 

Now I have to say that there is part of me that says that this is really, really wrong. And then there's the other part of me that says this is totally amazing and I really, really want one. 

the article also says, 

IKEA Opens Its First Store in Mexico
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“IKEA will be revealing ways for customers to get their hands on the Turkey-Sized Meatball via its Instagram page (@IKEAUK) from Wednesday 6th December.” 

There are other questions that come to mind, like do they ship it to you cooked or do you have to cook it in your oven? If you do have to cook it, how long does it take? 4.5 kilograms, how much is that in pounds? (I personally am not a metric type of guy, so I had to look it up.) It comes out to 9.92 lbs. That's a lot of meatball. 

somebody let me know if you get one and what kind of sauce you use. 

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