Was this an article made just so I could show off KW3 selfies?

No, but ok yes maybe. I will not admit to anything.

Wenatchee World's, World Best Voting is in full swing!

April 17th @ Noon until April 28th, 2024.

You'll see many businesses to vote for like Chiropractic places, best toy store, best sporting goods store, best milkshake in town, you name it. And yes, Worlds Best Radio Station.

KW3 would love your vote for Wenatchee World's Best Radio Station

Here's why we may deserve your vote.

Why You Should Vote For KW3 Worlds Best Radio Station

Maybe I am Bias, or maybe you agree!

Gallery Credit: Aly

All funnies aside though.

Voting for any business is such a cool opportunity.

Think about it, this is your chance to be heard! You get to brag about the different companies around town by showing your support with a vote!

So! Where can we vote??

World's Best 2024 | wenatcheeworld.com

How many times may you vote?

Once a day from one device (or I mean if you have multiple emails, try a different email and device, you know, because you love us, I mean all the different companies.)

Will Connor and Aly hate you if you don't vote for KW3.

Absolutely... NOT. We will love you no matter what, and the fact that you even take time to listen, read, or connect with us, means so much. That in itself is a blessing that we do not take lightly.

Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being you, voting and being a 3!


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