We've known him in the Wenatchee Valley since 2007. He's woken us up almost every morning since 2007 in fact. From being a Radio DJ in Seattle, to New York, and finally landing in Wenatchee WA. He's also a Wedding DJ, Husband, Father, and overall awesome man.

John Connor otherwise known as Connor, is one of our newest Wenatchee Wild PA Announcers, along with Jonathan West.

I recently got to sit down with Connor to discuss his new adventure!

Connor, what sparked this new endeavor?

Connor: When our good friend Uncle Ernie passed away this past July. Really sad that he never got to see our Wenatchee Wild play in the WHL. Never once thought of being a PA announcer for a Wild game, that’s Ernie’s job for life. Because of Uncle Ernie’s huge legacy as the voice of the Wenatchee Wild at the TTC, I am glad I am splitting half the games with another talented PA Announcer named Johnathan West. Who also does the Seattle University Men's Basketball. I heard him on opening night vs. Portland, and he sounds solid and good on the mic. I applied in for the position because I knew we needed to step up our production for WHL. I am passionate about this team, the community, and the faithful Wild Fans. This is almost like an act of giving back to the community. This is my way of serving the community. Much like sharing love with our KW3 Listeners every morning with Aly. 

Which games will you be announcing for?

Connor: I’ll be doing 17 of the 34 home Wenatchee Wild Hockey Games (if you're doing the math, that’s half the games.) The first opportunity will be Friday, Oct. 20th, 2023, vs. the Vancouver Giants (Van. B.C.) and Saturday, Oct. 21st. vs. The Brandon Wheat Kings.  

Who are the Brandon Wheat Kings!?!

Connor: They are a long-time WHL Franchise from Manitoba. Way up above North Dakota.  

Who are your mentors? Do you have any?

Connor: Chet Buchanan the PA announcer for the Seattle Kraken, Wild Joe (formally KW3 on-air afternoon talent) who has helped with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL). It’s been nice to reconnect with Chet, my radio mentor from back in the 90’s.

What have you learned thus far?

Connor: Just be you. Don’t yell on the mic. Give intensity without raising your voice. And use your diaphragm. My favorite piece of advice from Chet is: “Remember you are setting the temperature for the crowd.”  

What are you looking forward to?

Connor: Finally getting to do it. I PA announced college soccer games in NY, but this is a whole new level of intensity, it’s almost like doing a WWE wrestling match. I can’t wait!  

Any final words or thoughts?

Connor: The Seattle Thunderbirds were just here, and their 700 fans seemed louder than our 2,500 Wild fans. We.Need.To.Get.Louder. We need to bring the volume every single night, just like the Seahawks rely on the 12’s the Wild rely on you.


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