John Stockton an outspoken advocate for medical rights, has joined a lawsuit over COVID-19 sanctions against Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the Executive Director of the Washington Medical Commission.

Stockton has joined a group of medical professionals who say they faced state sanctions and were alleged to have spread misinformation about COVID-19 by the Washington Medical Commission.  The suit names Executive Director Kevin Karinen according to

"The purpose of this lawsuit is to protect the right of physicians to speak, and the right of the public to hear their message," the lawsuit said. "The goal is to stop the Commission from investigating, prosecuting or sanctioning physicians who speak out in public against the so-called “mainstream Covid narrative,” i.e., the succession of public health edicts put out by the CDC and repeated by the primary news outlets, which has caused the public to lose trust in the public health authorities, which has caused the CDC to repeatedly apologize and promise to do better."

Among the plaintiff's attorney's is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the son of the former US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy.  Kennedy, Jr. is a candidate for President and himself a harsh critic of U.S. COVID vaccine policy.

The Seattle Times reports the lawsuit is seeking a declaration that Washington policy violates the First Amendment, a preliminary and permanent injunction on the policy and a declaration that the policy “violates the substantive procedural due process rights of Washington licensed physicians”  as well as “other such further relief as the Court deems just and proper.”

Stockton was a keynote speaker at a pandemic response harms listening event in January of 2023.   The forum was sponsored by Informed Choice Washington and was emceed by Bill Sullivan, a current board member of the Chelan-Douglas Health District. The listening session attracted about 500 attendees.

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