The Newsradio 560 KPQ air signal is back after a day-long interruption, and should be at full strength soon. 

An archaeological dig along the Apple Capital Loop Trail in the Horan Natural Area accidentally nicked a cable that connected our KPQ studios to the transmitter in that area and knocked the AM portion of our signal off the air temporarily.  

The company doing the dig was looking for items of cultural significance as part of a environmental impact study for a project in the area.  

They used a hand auger as part of the process which is what damaged the cable.  

The company reports it had worked with local utilities to do a check for lines in the area, but there was no markings in the area.  

A temporary fix has been put in place by a Cherry Creek Media Engineer.

The process of a total fixing of the line is underway with no specific ETA as when it will be completed.  

As always, you can stream KPQ online at or by downloading our mobile app.

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