The various law enforcement agencies of North Central Washington will be stepping up their efforts to patrol the region's roadways during Memorial Day Weekend.

Troopers with the Washington State Patrol, deputies from regional sheriff's offices, and officers with local police departments will all be on the lookout for drivers who are impaired, distracted, speeding, behaving aggressively, and not wearing their seatbelt.

Spokesperson Kyle Foreman of the Grant County Sheriff's Office says there's a number of things that all drivers need to keep in mind during the three-day holiday.

"We need people to stay off their cell phones in the car. We also need people to slow down and take a deep breath if they become frustrated so we don't have any road rage incidents. And please, if you have children that are supposed to be in approved car seats, make sure you have them in those approved car seats."

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Foreman says if you're on the roadway this weekend and see other drivers who are breaking the law, don't hesitate to report them.

"If people are on the roadway this weekend and they experience someone who's driving aggressively or they think might be under the influence or doesn't have their kids secured in approved car seats, just call 9-1-1 and describe what you're seeing to the dispatcher who answers the phone."

Foreman says they don't catch everyone whom the public calls in to report but they do issue plenty of citations and make lots of arrests based on such information.

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