A virtual meeting for community members who wish to be a part of the Wenatchee Valley's 30th annual Make A Difference Day will be this Wednesday, October 7th at 4:00 pm.

Event Co-chair Mary Henson said the gathering will be done via Zoom, just like a previous informational meeting for project organizers.

"This meeting is actually for anybody who's interested or wants to get connected with the people who are planning projects, and just learn a little bit more." explained Henson, "It's really for the community to hear about what we're doing specifically this year, and how they can be a part of it."

The Pybus Market Charitable Foundation is coordinating this year's Make A Difference Day and is asking folks to get involved, even in a small way.

"Write a letter to loved ones, or maybe rake a neighbor's yard. Put a 'Thank You' note out to some of the firefighters and first responders who have been working so hard during this time," continued Henson.

Henson added that those getting involved are asked to promote the Wenatchee Valley's 30th Make A Difference Day with the hashtag #MKDD30.

Make A Difference Day is Saturday, October 24th. More information, including registration, can be found here.

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