An informational open house is being held to address road and stream issues affecting the salmon habitat along State Route 207 near Lake Wenatchee.

There will be an informational in-person open house on March 21st to learn more about the Lake Wenatchee Highway 207 salmon habitat restoration.

A joint session from the Yakama Nation, the State Department of Transportation and the Forest Service will address the fish habitat and concerns about the stability of the highway.

"Many times in the past there have been some flooding issues along the roadway there," said Forest Service spokesperson Robin DeMario.

The open house will include a discussion on options for realigning the highway.

DeMario says the highway gets flooded to the point that the fish habitat is threatened.

"Well, you have impacts to the habitat, definitely, when flooding occurs," DeMario said.

The open house will also focus on the need for salmon habitat restoration in Nason Creek.

It'll take place March 21 at the Rec Club on Chiwawa Loop Road in the Lake Wenatchee area.

There are two information sessions, one from 3-4:50 and the other from 5-7 p.m.

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