Moses Lake Police are asking for public help to find a motorcycle rider who has fled the scene when being pulled over a number of times. 

Officers say they are not able to chase the cyclist because of state law, even though fleeing from police is still a felony. 

They say the rider is driving recklessly while speeding off and is putting himself and anyone else on the roadway in danger. 

The suspect is riding a red and white off-road motorcycle with distinctive white handguards. 

Anyone with information on who the rider is, or whose bike it is, is being asked to call 509-764-3887 in reference to case number 22ML16491.  

Moses Lake Police say they'd like to identify the suspect and hold him accountable before anyone gets hurt. 

Officers also say they had a similar rider who was attempting to bait officers into chasing earlier this year. 

They say that person ended up dying after he crashed his motorcycle while baiting officers in another town. 

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