Kevin Fuhr has resigned from his position on the Moses Lake School Board of Directors, citing health challenges. His resignation is effective immediately.

The past few years have been rough sledding for Fuhr, a career public servant who in 2022 was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. But he fought the disease valiantly and has far outlived his original prognosis - Fuhr was told he had, at most, one year to live.

It looks as though the MLSD is trying to minimize fanfare surrounding Fuhr's resignation. The school board issued a scant, discreet press release on Friday night. (We are awaiting comment from spokeswoman Claren McLaughlin.)

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Fuhr's successor has not been determined, but we have some idea what will happen next, procedurally speaking. Policy 1114 is outlined in the MLSD handbook.

Fuhr was elected to the school board in 2021. He served two roles concurrently. In addition to the usual tasks expected of a rank-and-file board member, Fuhr was also board president, a role for which he was chosen unanimously.

At the time Fuhr was quoted as saying he wanted to be a unifier, to restore magnanimity to the school board. The MLSD was, for a time, riven by conflict, which seems to have worsened following the explosive departure of Superintendent Josh Meek.

The question of how to approach gender identity also proved difficult in Moses Lake schools.

But Fuhr is a distinguished public servant, as high-profile as any in Moses Lake. He enjoyed a long career in law enforcement, eventually graduating to chief of police. He retired last year to become city manager.

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