The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbia River Drug Task Force recovered $10,000 worth of items on August 11, one of which included the victim’s mother’s ashes.

On August 6, the victim reported that her storage unit on McKittrick St., Wenatchee had been burglarized.

On August 11, detectives found a lead after seeing someone post one of the stolen items on Facebook marketplace. 

Detectives arranged a sting operation to buy the stolen items, meeting the suspect in a public place somewhere in Wenatchee.

Surveillance footage taken at the suspect’s residence showed them load the stolen items into their vehicle. Detectives also caught the suspect conducting a fentanyl deal separate to this case.

After this deal, the suspect went to the meet up and was subsequently arrested.

The suspect was charged with first degree stolen property, second degree possession of stolen property, and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance.

Authorities conducted a search warrant and recovered most of the stolen items at the suspect’s residence in East Wenatchee.

The victim’s mother’s ashes were recovered.

Chelan County Chief Chris Foreman said the victim wishes to spread her mother’s ashes.

The investigation is currently ongoing with charges pending.

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