Those lounging near the water fountain in downtown Wenatchee can check out a new sculpture installation, honoring the late Wenatchee educator Rozanne Lind.

This 7-foot tall bronze statue is titled “Rozanne’s Tango,” depicting two hands pressing fingertips together.

Sultan-based sculptor Kevin Pettelle crafted the pair of hands at his Soul in Bronze Studio, hoping it would represent Rozanne’s dedication to her students, while also making it abstract enough for passersby to develop their own interpretation of the statue.

“Part of being a narrative is because the audience is part of sculpture,” Pettelle said. “So what they bring to it is what they take away from it is really what the sculpture is about.”

Photo by Terra Sokol.
Photo by Terra Sokol.

Lind taught at both Columbia Elementary School and John Newberry Elementary School, while serving as a Beauty of Bronze coordinator. 

You can read more about Rozanne’s life here.

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