The Chelan County Noxious Weed Control Board is starting its annual surveying efforts this week.

Chelan County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says crews will be working neighborhoods in Wenatchee throughout July focusing on one particular variety.

"They are going to be hitting puncturevine or goathead education and surveying. That's going to be our top priority. All of our crews will be out in the Wenatchee area between Fifth Street and Carlson Loop, since that's where we have the highest concentration of puncturevine in Chelan County."

The noxious weed teams will be re-visiting properties where puncturevine infestations were occurring last year, as well as identifying any new spots where they have cropped up in the interim.

FitzSimmons says it's primarily up to landowners in Chelan County to control the presence and spread of puncturevine and other nuisance weeds on their property.

"We are asking people to take care of the puncturevine or goatheads on their property. They can do that by pulling them or there are chemical applications which can be used. We are always trying to educate people first but, however, fees can be issued if the noxious weed board is forced to control the weeds on your property for you."

The surveying effort will go on throughout much of July.

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