Chelan County Mountain Rescue released their annual report for 2022, with their amount of search and rescue calls doubling from the previous year.

Chelan County Mountain Rescue is a volunteer-run search and rescue organization, who assist local law enforcement agencies with their rescue missions.

CCMR volunteers went on 28 missions in 2022, a 97% increase compared to 2021.

Out of those missions, 78% were non-life threatening rescues, 11% were life-threatening saves, and 11% were body recoveries.

The number of rescues peaked in October, with the team handling six rescue missions.

Some notable rescue missions included the following events:

  • Jan. 6: When “Snowpocalypse” happened, the team was called for standby assistance in case residents were trapped in their homes
  • March 30: A climber was found deceased after a fatal fall near Dragontail Peak. CCMR moved the climber so that helicopter crews could retrieve their body
  • Sep. 5: A solo rock climber suffering from pelvis and leg injuries was rescued by CCMR and Snohomish County near Lichtenberg
  • Oct. 10: An injured hiker had their arm and two legs trapped under a boulder near Lake Viviane.
  • Oct. 16: A climber who broke his arm after a fall was rescued near Mount Stuart. CCMR and an Army helicopter from Yakima came to the rescue.

Chelan County Mountain Rescue President Vernon Nelson says most of their rescues were based in the Enchantments area near Leavenworth.

Read more of CCMR’s 2022 Annual Report here.

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