There's an elevated chance for wildfires this weekend in the region. 

There'll be a cool down from 90 plus degree weather Saturday into Sunday, but humidity will be in the teens all the way through the weekend. 

National Weather Service meteorologist Rachael Fewkes says higher wind speeds on Sunday will bring fire danger. 

"Just the combination of those gusty winds, which are going to gust 25-35 miles an hour across the region, could lead to rapid spread of new or existing fires," said Fewkes. 

There'll be an elevated chance for wildfires all day Sunday into Sunday night 

Fewkes says the winds are blowing in from the north. 

"We have a cold front that's going to drop down from the Gulf of Alaska, British Columbia region," Fewkes said. "It's going to cause the winds to pick up." 

There were no fire advisories from the National Weather Service as of 6am Friday, but weather service meteorologists in Spokane were planning to discuss a plan to address the weather danger sometime in the morning. 

As of Friday morning, Wind and relative humidity projections for Sunday did not meet weather service criteria for a Red Flag Warning. 

Beyond the weekend, fire danger should quickly subside as the extended forecast calls for below normal temperatures and higher than normal precipitation. 

Fewkes said there’s a 30-40 percent chance of below normal temperatures in the 8-14 day forecast and a 45-50 percent chance of above normal precipitation. 

Sunny weather will prevail into next Thursday. Daytime highs Monday through Thursday will be in the mid 70s 

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