Fire departments throughout the Wenatchee Valley responded to two structure fires in Orondo on August 26.

Around 5 p.m., Orondo firefighters were called out to a structure fire at the Twin W development on the Columbia River.

When they arrived, there was already one residence fully engulfed, with fire burning through the roof. Heavy winds helped carry the fire out of one of the windows to a second-story apartment nearby.

Residents in the first fire were uninjured, who escaped with their swim gear. Their home was lost in the fire along with damaging the second homes’ upper floor and five neighboring vehicles.

The first fire was knocked down around 7 p.m.

Around 11:18 p.m., firefighters were sent to another structure fire two miles north of the first one.

Firefighters discovered that the dwelling was filled with smoke, with residents sitting on the driveway, suffering heat related injuries.

The fire was located in the basement, which proved to be dangerous and difficult to extinguish. The heat and increased winds also made firefighting efforts more difficult.

Fire crews were able to contain the fire to furniture within the basement.

Two of the residents were taken to Central Washington Hospital with serious injuries, while one resident was treated at the scene of the fire.

No firefighters were injured.

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