The Chelan County Public Works Department has temporarily closed a portion of Camas Creek Road.

Commissioner Shon Smith says a three-mile stretch of the primitive road was shut down last week after being damaged by recent wet weather.

"The road got torn up really bad. There's some three- and four-foot ruts up there that developed from the rain that came down. That particular road and a few other roads here in the county are just absolute slime when they get moisture on them. I've been up on that road when it's been slimy and it is deadly because if you go off one side you're tumbling for quite a ways."

Smith says there's currently no estimated timeframe for reopening the road, which will remain closed indefinitely.

"That's one of the primitive roads in the county that we do not maintain. It's usually maintained by loggers and private property owners up there. We're anticipating that once the ground freezes it'll be passable again but the weather just hasn't quite cooperated yet. So we're going to let the road dry out and then evaluate when we can possibly reopen it."

The closure zone is near the road's junction with Brender Canyon Road west of Cashmere.

Popular recreation spots like Camas Meadows are still accessible by using the road's western access from U.S. Highway 97 near Blewett Pass.

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