Chelan County Public Works is holding a public meeting on Thursday in Manson to present and discuss options for Pedoi Street. 

The roadway runs along the lakefront and gets overcrowded with parking, especially during the summer tourist season. 

Chelan County Commissioner Tiffany Gering says the overcrowding is especially problematic when larger vehicles enter the area. 

"It's just a nightmare with Link because when a bus tries to get down there, and God forbid emergency vehicles, because people park on both sides of the street, even though there's "No Parking" signs, they don't adhere to them," said Gering. "In the summer, it's just a nightmare. It's a cluster." 

The Manson Bay Park stop on Link Transit is at Manson Blvd. at Pedoi Street. 

Gering discussed the issue with fellow commissioners during their public meeting on Monday. 

At the request of the Manson community, the Public Works Department is considering turning Pedoi Street and South Harris Avenue into one-way streets to create additional angled parking in the tourism-heavy town.  

Public Works Director Eric Pierson will share some parking and street options at the meeting. Gering said they’d been in discussions with the Manson Parks Department about Pedoi Street. 

She said it’s important to find out what residents want to see done with the street and parking arrangement. 

“We wanted to get input from the Manson community, and all the people that live there and have to navigate the traffic,” Gering said. “Because we don’t want to make decisions for them. And if it's something that they're really against, obviously we wouldn’t want to move forward.” 

The public meeting takes place between 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 29, at the Manson Grange Hall, 157 E. Wapato Way. 

The county will make any changes to the travel and parking arrangements on Pedoi and South Harris Avenue as the town of Manson is part of unincorporated Chelan County.

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