Police in Grant County are looking for four people who they say burglarized a grocery store in Coulee City early this morning (Thursday, Oct. 26).

Deputies with the Grant County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the store at around 12:15 a.m. but the suspects had left the location before they arrived.

The four were captured on surveillance video breaking a glass door to gain entry into the store before stealing about $300 in cigarettes and alcohol.

An employee who was inside the store at the time of the alleged break-in was not injured.

One of the suspects was dressed in black from head to toe and can be seen on video possibly aiming a gun at the store's exterior security cameras.

Two of the suspects were wearing sweatshirts with the brand name "Cookies" on the front, while the fourth was wearing a blue plaid long-sleeved shirt.

All of the suspects faces were obscured by masks or hoods.

Anyone with information about the incident is being asked to contact the Grant County Sheriff’s Office at 509-762-1160, and refer to case number 23GS13061.

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