The demonstrations in Washington DC spilled over into many state capitals around the country…including Olympia.

About one thousand people protested on the steps of the Capitol Wednesday afternoon…then a smaller group encroached on the Governor's Mansion property according to Sgt. Darren Wright of the State Patrol.

"There have been no reports of violence or property damage that we know of at this time. The Governor and his wife are safe and were never in danger."

Wright adds his agency is investigating how the crowd was able to breach the grounds to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

"We urge the public to remain calm in these troubled and troubling times. We remind visitors to the capital campus that while your rights to free speech are honored and protected, you do not have the right to commit illegal acts. Entering the Governor's mansion grounds is illegal and dangerous."

The crowd was dispersed without incident.

Governor Jay Inslee issued a statement after protestors were cleared.

He said they are still working towards next week's beginning of the legislative session which he believes will be productive.

"I revile these acts of sedition and intimidation that we have seen in our country today. I call on all elected leaders to condemn this."

He also thanked the state patrol for their work in protecting democracy.

The state legislature will begin their work in the new session on Monday.

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