The Washington Secretary of State certified the November election on Tuesday, declaring Jay Inslee the winner of the Gubernatorial race.

In fact, the incumbent defeated challenger Loren Culp by about 545,000 votes.

But, Culp's attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, contends a discrepancy in the number of registered voters to the number who actually voted.

"The problem that the Secretary of State has right now, as far as I can tell, and this is what our analysts are seeing, this is what the data shows, which is harvestable from the Secretary of State's website; Right now, currently, there's a problem of 886,161 unregistered votes being tallied in the state of Washington."

Pidgeon also contends he has evidence that as many as 300-thousand people voted in other states and in Washington in this last election.

"We have evidence that Sasquatch voted. We have evidence that Cinderella voted. We have evidence that five people who had a birthdate in the 1800s voted. We have evidence that people over 120 years old voted."

Culp has NOT announced a formal challenge to the election results yet.

Secretary Kim Wyman has refuted any claim of voter fraud.

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