The Eastmont School Board is updating its director districts and the public will soon be asked to weigh in.

Eastmont School District, like every other district, is required to update its district map every 10 years following the census.

Superintendent Garn Christensen said he and staff have gone through the mandatory process of re-balancing by population and demographics before.

"What we found is that the three director areas that we have in Eastmont continue to be very well balanced." Christensen explained, "They were within less than 50 people of each-other."

According to data provided by Eastmont School District, each of the three director districts should have an ideal population of 11,357. The school board also has two at-large districts, which are unaffected by any redistricting changes.

A public hearing will be held at the beginning of the next board meeting, March 28th. Afterward, the school board can either move to accept the proposed map or choose to make additional modifications.

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