The Eastmont School District is set to get a second Resource Officer after the school board signed off on an agreement with the city of East Wenatchee Monday. 

The city council approved the plan at its meeting last week. 

The Eastmont District will now work with the city to get the hiring process started with a goal of having a second resource officer in place during the current school year. 

The school board originally agreed to move forward and look into a second officer during a July 11 meeting which was attended by East Wenatchee Mayor Jerrilea Crawford, Police Chief Rick Johnson and current school resource officer Ivy Jacobsen. 

Jacobson became Eastmont’s first resource officer in 10 years when she started her job in March of this year. 

The base salary for both resource officers is $269,841 per year, which means the district will pay $161,905 per school year. 

Eastmont will also reimburse the city $1,980 per quarter, to cover 60 percent of the cost of a new vehicle for the second position. 

Chief Johnson has stressed the need for a second officer after noting officer Jacobson ended up spending 75 percent of her time handling issues at the two junior high schools.  

He's said a proper model with two officers would have one officer working full time at the high school, and one splitting their time between the two junior highs, and then responding to the elementary schools as needed 

Eastmont Superintendent Becky Berg attended last Tuesday’s city council meetings and offered strong support for the second resource officer position.   

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