There's still no water for a residential neighborhood near Cle Elum after the only bridge into the area collapsed under the weight of a large garbage truck Monday. 

The Kittitas County Sheriff's Office reports the truck has been removed and work will begin Wednesday morning to install a new water line and footbridge in the coming days.

Deputies say a number of residents have requested evacuation, while seven people remain in their homes, although more are expected to leave in the next couple of days.

The homeowner's association is looking at building a temporary bridge that could support passenger car traffic, but there's no timeline for the project.

Kittitas County Public Works has been working to provide back-road access to the area.

Residents have had power restored after an outage, but power will be shut off intentionally Wednesday when work begins

The Sheriff's Office continues to work with the Red Cross to supply water and maintain emergency services.

There were no injuries.

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