The 'Right to Contraception Act' is on its way to the U.S. Senate after passing out of the House of Representatives late last week.

The bill, which aims to make contraception legal and available on the federal level, won approval 228-195, with all Democrats and 8 Republicans voting in favor. The full legislation can be found here.

4th District Representative Dan Newhouse says the legislation is both election cycle fear-mongering by Democrats and simply dangerous.

"This bill went too far. It actually would have allowed non-FDA approved drugs to be used as contraception. Drugs and devices." Newhouse said, "That can potentially be dangerous to women's health."

Newhouse adds that contraception is a state's rights issue and shouldn't be addressed at the federal level.

"This is a states issue. Every state has rules and regulations regarding contraception. It's available in all 50 states. Some have different restrictions or requirements for parents to be notified for different ages of children," continued Newhouse.

The Right to Contraception Act now heads to the Senate, where it's unclear if it will face a Republican filibuster. If so, the bill would need at least 10 Republicans to vote in favor for it to pass.

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