Job seekers of all ages are encouraged to try out some of the opportunities Washington State Parks have to offer.

305 seasonal park aides are being recruited by state parks and many of the job openings happen to be in North Central Washington.

"They're from communities in Leavenworth, Chelan, Waterville, Orondo, here in Wenatchee Valley, East Wenatchee." Park Ranger 3 Jose Velazquez said.

Velazquez, a state parks assistant manager for the Wenatchee Valley, says duties include landscaping and maintenance.

"They do those duties plus they work in the welcome centers, the little huts that you might see in a state park when you come in."

Velazquez says senior park aides are also being recruited to lead and provide training to all seasonal park aides such as maintain all facilities, assist construction and maintenance staff with projects, perform maintenance and upkeep of vehicles and equipment and keep all facilities clean and orderly.

If you're interested in the senior park aides position, state parks ask that you have these qualifications:


Twelve months of experience in building maintenance or grounds keeping, or performing semi-skilled/general carpentry, electrical and/or plumbing repair work;


Six months cumulative experience as a park aide or equivalent, or six months experience in a special employment program (WCC) with a parks agency.

A combination of experience (Washington Conservation Corps and park aide) may be used provided at least three months experience is as a park aide or equivalent.


A valid driver's license.

To learn more about the park aide positions, go to


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