Two-term 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins announced his Senate re-election campaign Friday. Hawkins has served in the State Senate since 2017 and is a former State Representative and Eastmont school board member.

A recent federal court decision has shifted the state’s legislative district boundaries,  splitting Chelan and Douglas County in the 12th District.  To comply with the ruling, Hawkins and his family will move from their East Wenatchee residence to Wenatchee in April so he can seek re-election in the newly redrawn 12th district.  The court-ordered changes come just weeks before before the official filing period for candidates seeking office.

In a news release announcing his reelection campaign and move to Wenatchee, Hawkins blasted the ruling and said "this is an awful outcome for Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, known for their history of cooperative work.".

Hawkins believes Wenatchee and East Wenatchee should be recognized as “communities of interest” in accordance with RCW 44.05.090(2)(a), stating, “This judge’s decision is bad for the Wenatchee Valley.”

“This is a ridiculous lawsuit and ruling, but I’m not going to let an activist group from Los Angeles and an over-eager federal judge keep me from serving the people here. I believe the judge’s decision will eventually be overturned by the US Supreme Court, but it will unfortunately take several months to work through that process.”

“This is a politically-driven lawsuit and outcome, one I had always hoped the judicial system was completely separate from, but now I’m not so sure.”

Hawkins also said, “Any changes to redistricting maps following state approval are supposed to involve just minimal corrections, not a multitude of cascading changes affecting numerous seated members and districts, all of which coincidentally happen to be Republicans.”

He added, “I love serving in this position and will work hard to keep the Wenatchee area a top priority in Olympia, despite these absurd changes that split our community apart.”

Hawkins is touting his efforts in Olympia on wildfire management, renewable hydrogen legislation on behalf of Douglas PUD, transportation, affordable housing, and education issues. He has helped secure funding for important local projects, including the Rocky Reach Trail, West Cashmere Bridge, Wenatchi Landing Sewer extension, and the Wenatchee Confluence Parkway,project.

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Hawkins' Senate Bills Approved (provided by campign)

·        SB 5670 Summer Running Start (2024)

·        SB 5001 Regional Sports Complex (2023)

·        SB 5868 Affordable Housing (2022)

·        SB 5000 Hydrogen Vehicles (2021)

·        SB 5158 Utility Wildfires (2021)

·        SB 6032 Washington Apples License Plate (2020)

·        SB 5588 Renewable Hydrogen (2019)

·        SB 6211 Natural Resource Accounts (2018)

·        SB 6055 Leavenworth Pilot Project (2018)

·        SB 5546 Forest Health Plan (2017)

·        SB 5270 Timber Practices (2017)

·       SB 5649 Transportation Planning (2017)

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