The current state Senate capital budget plan has $14.5 million earmarked for the Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center.

The funding covers the cost of all four projects Wenatchee Public Schools requested for the center.

State Senator Brad Hawkins of East Wenatchee is quite happy with the budget plan.

“I’m excited about the funding the Senate has proposed for our regional skills center,” said Hawkins. “These facilities provide lots of technical job training for local students and provide terrific programs.”

The district is asking for $5,263,000 for modernizing Building B during phases 1 & 2 of the Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center’s long-range plan. The proposed project will create new instructional space, and make health and safety improvements

In addition, the district is seeking $ 2,145,000 to make improvements to the Skill’s Center’s Building A. The project is identified as Phase 3B of the skills center’s long-range capital facilities plan and will create new instructional space for the culinary program and improve restroom access.

A third request asked for $2,998,000 to improve the instructional spaces for the fire science, and certifications testing lab instructional programs. The project is Phase 3A of the Technical Skills Center’s long-range capital facility plan.

Finally, the district is requesting $ 4,057,000 for modernizing Building A during Phase 4 of the Skills Center’s long-range plan. Building A was originally built in the 1970’s and is the oldest building on campus.

Financing for the projects is not guaranteed.

The House and Senate must agree on a final capital budget that’ll be sent to the Governor for consideration.

Sen. Hawkins is cautiously optimistic the funding for the Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center will remain in place.

“While nothing is guaranteed, we’ll all be working closely to preserve the Senate’s funding in the final budget. I hope we can get it done and help modernize this facility.”

The Technical Skills Center offers hands-on technical career training to high school juniors and seniors from Cashmere, Cascade, Eastmont, Entiat, Lake Chelan, Manson, Pateros, Quincy Waterville, and Wenatchee School Districts.

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