Investigators say tear gas and pepper spray were used against the suspect involved in an 18-hour standoff with SWAT Teams in Plain.

This update came from the Central Basin Investigative Team's (CBIT) current investigation into a Wenatchee Police Officer's use of potentially deadly force during this standoff.

On March 28, neighbors claim 47-year-old Abel Wilkes threatened his 71-year-old neighbor and landlord on the 16000 block of Chumstick Highway.

This incident prompted a response from both the Eastern Cascades SWAT Team, who had probable cause to arrest Wilkes on second-degree assault charges.

According to CBIT’s press release, Wilkes ignored calls for surrender and barricaded himself within the home.

After several hours of refusing orders and alleged threats to law enforcement, officers began to use tear gas as an attempt to draw Wilkes out of the home.

Later in the afternoon, a Wenatchee Police Officer shot at one of the windows, resulting in Wilkes firing shots within the home. Details as to where and why he fired shots is unknown at this time.

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The Washington State Patrol Team took over for the East Cascades SWAT Team, continuing the use of tear gas and began deploying pepper spray into the home.

On March 29, Wilkes finally emerged from his crawl space and was taken into custody.

Wilkes was charged with second degree assault on Monday, with bail set at $250,000.

CBIT found several firearms within the residence, along with a bullet-resistant load bearing vest with loaded magazines attached.

CBIT confirmed that the Wenatchee Police Officer who fired at Wilkes’ window is the one who shot first.

CBIT Commander and Moses Lake Police Capt. Mike Williams said the identity of that officer will be released on Thursday.

Additional details on this incident are expected to be released throughout this ongoing investigation.

CBIT consists of officers from Adams, Grant and Kittitas Counties, the Cities of Moses Lake, Quincy, Ellensburg, Ephrata, and Othello, along with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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