Two people are in jail on charges of attempted murder in Okanogan County.

Omak Police Chief, Daniel Christensen, says officers responded to a report of multiple shots fired at an apartment complex in the 900 block of Shumway Road on Sunday evening.

“They determined through recovery of shell casings that about nine rounds had been fired and also discovered that a bullet had been lodged into the apartment complex. Follow up investigation the next day with more light, they found a second bullet in the complex that had passed through a room and into a wall.”

No one at the complex was injured by the gunfire.

Investigators used surveillance video from the neighborhood to identify two suspects – one male, one female - and subsequently executed a search warrant early Tuesday morning at an apartment complex on East Jonathan Avenue, where Christensen says both suspects were located.

“We recovered a handgun and ammunition that matched the casings found at the scene of the shooting. We took the two suspects into custody and found out they had intent to exact revenge on someone, so that’s what led to our belief that we have a case of Attempted Murder in the First Degree.”

The Okanogan County Special Response Team assisted with the execution of the warrant.

Both suspects - whose names are being withheld - have prior felony convictions, as well as pending charges in Grant and King Counties.

They are currently being held in the Okanogan County Jail.




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