Two iconic World War 2 era airplanes will make their way to the Wenatchee Valley next week.

The B-17 Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey and the B-25 Mitchell Maid in the Shade will be featured at Pangborn Memorial Airport August 1st through August 8th.

Mike Mueller with Airbase Arizona Flying Museum said visitors can get an idea of what it was like for crews during World War 2 by walking through the planes or paying for a flight.

"It's one thing to see these on a YouTube video or on an TV show." Mueller said, "It's another to get up close and see, touch and smell the airplanes."

Mueller added that the volunteer non-profit's mission is to honor the men and women who built and flew the planes while educating people on the bombers' history.

Sentimental Journey is one of over 12,000 B-17s built during WWII but is now just one of five still flying. Perhaps the most iconic bomber of the war, the B-17 model had a cruising speed of about 160 miles per hour and is likely best known for making bombing runs over France and Germany from fields in England.

According to Airbase Arizona Flying Museum, Sentimental Journey was built in 1944 and flew missions in the Pacific Theater. After the war ended, the plane was used for training, air-sea rescue missions and as a fire bomber. In 1978 she was bought by a Commemorative Air Force member a restored.

Maid In The Shade is a B-25J that served with the 319th Bomb Group, 427th Squadron at Serragia Airbase, Corsica. She flew 15 combat missions over southern Europe in late 1944, mainly to targeting railroad bridges. The plane was used for training after the war before being sold and used as an insect sprayer. She was purchased again in 1981, at which point Made In The Shade underwent a 28-year restoration.

Both aircraft will be available for ground tours. The planes will be available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 4th and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm the following Friday through Sunday.

To schedule a flight or for more information on the bombers, visit here.

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