The week of January 8th, 2024 is arguably the worst 5 day span I can recall.

Could you have imagined the Washington Huskies losing the College Football National Championship game on Monday night? Well, objectively yes, Washington was 14-0 and ranked #2 in the country but facing the powerful and top ranked Michigan Wolverines as 4.5 point underdogs.  So it was conceivable U-Dub could lose the "Natty" as the kids call it these days. To add insult to injury, Washington was pushed around and did not represent their fine season on College Football's biggest stage.

Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh and DeBoer greet each other after Michigan's National Championship Game victory
Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh and DeBoer greet each other after Michigan's National Championship Game victory/Getty Images

Seahawks fans have been frustrated with the team's sieve-like defense and overall sub .500 record over the last three seasons and needed to rely on Green Bay losses to sneak into the playoffs for two consecutive years.  It fell into place last season but the team fell short on the field this year and the home field magic has disappeared for the most part.  You might have thought a change was in order but Seahawks owner Jody Allen would never "fire" Pete Carroll? Yet it happened Wednesday, although it's being called an amicable decision to move Carroll into an undefined "advisory role"

Pete Carroll Getty Images
Pete Carroll Getty Images

While Husky fans were lamenting this week's declarations by UW's top talent  to declare for this spring's NFL Draft, we were so distracted by the stunning departures of Carroll, and the GOATS (Greatest of all time) of the NFL and College Football; New England Patriot's legend Bill Belichik and Alabama's Nick Saban that I for one didn't see it coming or brace for the ultimate heartbreaker!

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Husky Coach Kalen DeBoer leaving Washington for Tuscaloosa to replace Saban as coach of the Crimson Tide!  It was reported Friday by sources who told ESPN that Deboer turned down offers from Washington that would make him one of the 10 highest-paid coaches in college football and more than double his current annual salary of $4.2 million.

ESPN reported DeBoer signed a two-year contract extension through the 2028 season in November and will owe Washington a $12 million buyout.

While you could have figured Washington might lose to Michigan and maybe even it was time for a change with the Seahawks, I don't think too many people could foresee the Husky coach also departing, and all of these events in less than a span 100 hours!

Unbelievable!  It was the worst week in Northwest football history.  The only thing that  would have been worse would have been if DeBoer was leaving UW to coach Oregon!

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