The Boulder Cave Day Use area needs volunteer hosts.

Boulder Cave Trail falls under the jurisdiction of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. The trail is about 30 miles northwest of Naches, in Yakima County.

The recreation area sits adjacent to the trail. Volunteer hosts are expected to maintain and patrol this area and handle incoming guests. (Note: the Boulder Cave Day Use area is reservation-only.)

It's up to these volunteer hosts to ensure that guests are strictly observing rules and regulations. Past a certain hour, visitors are not permitted onsite. One advantage of volunteer hosts, according to the National Forest Service, is that they deter property crime (specifically vandalism).

"Whoever the hosts would be - they would need to be able to interact with people really well," says Robin DeMario, public affairs specialist for the Forest Service. "Greeting the visitors and assisting with managing reservations."

The assignment requires not only good interpersonal skills but a sense of cleanliness. Volunteer hosts will be doing "some light maintenance for the grounds and bathrooms," says DeMario.

DeMario couldn't confirm when the Day Use area will reopen for the 2024 season, but volunteers are most urgently needed between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Volunteer hosts live onsite in their own campers or recreation vehicles. They have access to complimentary firewood, among other things, and may be reimbursed for certain minor ancillary expenses. They are to wear clothing issued by the Forest Service.

Outdoorsmen, social butterflies and sticklers for order are encouraged to apply at Candidates must be 18 years old at a minimum.

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