Wenatchee Public Library is hosting 'Jazz and Friends' this Thursday, among many other schools and communities across the nation on February 27. The event will be an opportunity for kids 13 and under to attend a reading of the children's book 'I Am Jazz' which is by transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

Wenatchee Public Library, Wenatchee Pride and Youth Empowerment Program are coordinating the local event.

"This book and others like it show positive imagery and images of transgender people in literature," said Micah Vacatio,Wenatchee Pride board secretary. "I think this is important because it encourages dialogue about what it means to be human on the gender spectrum."

The nationwide event that individual communities, like Wenatchee, participate in was kickstarted by an incident in 2015. In a small Wisconsin town, the parents of a transgender child attempted to organize a reading of 'I Am Jazz', however the local school rejected the idea.

"The community rallied around that child and ended up having the reading done at the public library," said Vacatio. "Around 600 residents ended up showing up and showing their support and they translated to a national scale now in honor of that and in honor of all trans kids."

Children under 13 must be accompanied by a guardian. There is a max capacity in the room where the reading will be held and capped at 35 people. The reading starts at 5 and wraps up at 5:45.

"I think now more than ever it's crucial for gender diverse children and their families to see that they have support in our community," said Vacatio.



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