A Chelan County Corrections Deputy is recovering from injuries suffered in a jail assault yesterday morning (5/1).

Investigators at the Regional Justice Center say surveillance footage shows an inmate knocking the deputy down and striking him repeatedly.

A second inmate is suspected of joining the assault and beating the deputy with stabbing motions to the head.

County Commissioner Kevin Overbay says weapons used in the attack were improvised.

"Weapons that were used were actually acquired within the facility itself. They basically were able to take some of components of their bedding and things like that to use in the attack." Overbay said.

A responding deputy stopped the assault and isolated the inmates from the injured deputy.

"The injuries, while not life threatening, were pretty good injuries, puncture wounds and lacerations to the neck, arms and head of the one deputy that was attacked. He was treated and released," Overbay said. "This a reminder to folks that we do have some people incarcerated that are violent offenders. And so, it's hats off to the quick response, training and dedication from our men and women at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center."

Benito Licea and Javier Valdez are charged with attempted murder and prison riot. Bail is set $2 million. They're already suspects in two separate murders.

David Lomeli-Vazquez was gunned down April 18th, 2022, in the 800 block of Methow Street. The incident led to a police chase and eventual crash in East Wenatchee where Licea and Andrew Francis Morrow were captured and arrested.

Valdez is charged with aggravated first-degree murder in the August 2022 gang-related shooting of 18-year-old Yair Flores. Police say Valdez was not the gunman but took no action and stood by while the shooting occurred.

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