The non-profit kids’ soccer group Wenatchee FC Youth is asking for public support to finance trips for three of its teams that are playing in national finals games.

The organization says the three teams are at an “all-star” level and calls it impressive that a community the size of Wenatchee can have a high level of success on a national stage.

The B05 Oyston team won a spot in the National Premier League "Final Four", which will be played between Thursday and Monday in Denver, after competing with teams from the Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco areas.

The B03 McCourtie and B08 Espinoza teams both won their Northwest Regional tournaments in Snohomish, and will also be in Denver, from July 17th - 21st.

The three teams are making four trips between them to Denver and are facing financial hurdles.

Travel poses a significant funding challenge which includes expenses for airfare, gas, car rental, hotels, and meals.

This is especially difficult for the B05 team, which as a result of its success, is pressed to make two trips to Denver within 8 days.

Each of the trips costs approximately $1200 per player with the high travel costs this summer.

The members of the teams have been working to raise funds with a combination of car washes, tamale sales, staffing the Wenatchee Marathon and working odd jobs.

The teams have a significant need to raise funds with limited financial resources.

All donations are tax deductible, as Wenatchee FC Youth is a nonprofit, volunteer driven organization.

Online donations can be made here. Donations by check should be made out to “Wenatchee FC Youth” and mailed to: PO Box 2143, Wenatchee WA 98807 with the designation “Denver Travel.”

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