A group of about 300 people met in Memorial Park in Wenatchee Sunday afternoon for Wenatchee Pride's Black Lives Matter March.

Wenatchee Pride and the North Central Washington Black Lives Matter Action Council teamed up to host the event.

Demonstrators listened to speakers on the eastern steps of the Chelan County Courthouse before beginning the march. The march moved through downtown Wenatchee before returning to Memorial Park.

Dusty Mahoney with Wenatchee Pride said that turnout was good, considering a Facebook glitch showed the event as canceled the morning of.

Mahoney said, "So June is Pride Month. It's the month that we celebrate the Stonewall Riots and gay rights really gathering ground. But in light of the recent events of George Floyd's murder and all of the black/trans lives that we've lost, it felt really important this year for Pride to honor that."

Just like similar marches held in Wenatchee this year, the demonstration was completely peaceful. Mask usage also appeared to be well above 90%.

The event included decolonization and anti-racist conversation circles after the march.

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