Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the Trump administration for the 48th time.

Ferguson filed a lawsuit Thursday to block the Trump administration's plan to divert more than $3.6 billion in congressionally approved military construction projects. The administration plans to use that money to help build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

The plan re-directs nearly $89 million from Bangor submarine base near Bremerton. The funding was originally intended to build a new pier and maintenance facility at the base.

According to the Department of Defense, if Bangor pier project is not funded, "full operational capability of the (transit protection) mission cannot be executed. (Nuclear Weapons Security) posture will continue to fall short of DoD directives and requirements."

4th District Representative Dan Newhouse was asked Thursday morning what he thought about the President moving money appropriated by Congress.

"I think we do have a crisis (at the border). There probably are parts of this that I would not agree with, but generally I think that the president has that legal ability to do this." Newhouse stated, "So I would have to support that position."

President Trump declared a national emergency in February in order to reallocate funds from the military to his long-promised border wall. Congress voted to overturn the president's declaration, but the president vetoed the legislative action.

"Certainly the power of the purse and the appropriations process is something that we have the constitutional duty here in the legislative branch." added Newhouse, "But there are some parameters under which the administration does have some latitude to move money around within agencies."

Ferguson's argument is that the 1976 statute the administration is relying upon does not apply in this situation. According to the statute, money for military construction projects diverted because of an emergency must be sent to other military construction projects. The attorney general contends that the border wall is not a military project.




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