Veteran's Day is Monday and many businesses, agencies and entities will be closed to honor those who have served our country. Folks looking for a way to participate in Veteran's Day can view the Veteran's Day parade, organized and hosted by the American Legion Post 10, that will be snaking through a stretch of town.

American Legion 10 has rounded up almost two dozen local organizations and entities to participate, but there is room for more if other groups are interested.

"If you can show up at the Wells Fargo parking lot between Mission and Chelan at 10:15, we can put you in the line up to walk in the Veterans Day parade," said Douglas Gardner, Chaplain. "They're (Wells Fargo) going to provide coffee and hot chocolate and we appreciate Wells Fargo for stepping up and doing that for us."

The parade will precede at 10:45 to head to Memorial Park. At 11 a.m., a service will unfold with the Presentation of Colors and a gun salute. The parade will then head out east on Orondo, then north on Mission, back to the Wells Fargo parking lot.

"(The best place to watch) Memorial Park has quite a few people there, but almost anywhere along that route. From Wells Fargo down to Memorial Park, on Orondo and even down Mission," said Gardner.

It's a particularly special year because it's the American Legion's 100th year anniversary as it was formed March 1919 and American Legion Post 10 was formed July 1919.

"I'm honored that people will be there to honor us as veterans because we did give up our careers, our time and our not going to school to be able to go and keep our country safe," said Gardner. "I just appreciate the fact that people honor us in that way."

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