The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival has named their 11 finalists for the 2020 Junior Royalty Court.

The finalists include two students from Clovis Point Intermediate School, and one student from both Lincoln Elementary and the Valley Academy of Learning.

The remaining seven are students at Sterling Middle School.

The finalists will participate in a 40-minute writing session with the three winners announced Thursday, March 5th.

The Festival says they received 88 essays to be named to the court.

Your Junior Royalty Finalists are:

Clovis Point Intermediate School
Everleigh Lawson, daughter of Morgan & Sheralinn Lawson
Brooklyn Stringer, daughter of Dallas & Heather Stringer

Lincoln Elementary School:
Ellie Hurt, Daughter of Brock & Allison Hurt

Sterling Middle School:
Jocelyn Branthwaite, daughter of DJ & Sarah Lorridge
Jane Burns, daughter of Eric & Kendra Burns
Saysha Ellis, daughter of Wade & Rachel Ellis
Ashleigh Haag, daughter of Jess & Joleen Haag
Hayden Kelly, daughter of Shaun & Nicole Kelly
Briana Mott, daughter of Ed & Sherry Mott
Taylor Webley, daughter of Clint & Maristella Webley

Valley Academy of Learning:
Gracie Cook, daughter of Patrick & Pauline Cook

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