Temperatures have warmed up a bit, but that doesn't mean county roadways are free of winter driving hazards, especially black ice.

"Warm weather that's melting the snow, turning into water, and then you get high winds from Mission Ridge and that tends to bring cold air down into the valley, and that can generate the black ice" said Chelan County Sheriff's Sergeant Chris Foreman.

Foreman spoke with KPQ News after deputies responded to a two-car rollover crash in the 3000 block of Malaga-Alcoa Highway Monday morning.

Black ice is believed to have caused the crash. Both drivers were cited for driving too fast for conditions.

Foreman says if you get into a crash while driving the speed limit in unsafe conditions, you can still get a ticket.

"Giving people more space so recognizing that if you do have to brake, and there's ice, you're going to slide and it's going to take a longer distance to slow down." Foreman added.

One driver suffered minor injuries but did not require a trip to the hospital.

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