Moses Lake fire investigators are looking into what caused a deadly fire early Thursday morning.

Crews arrived to find a manufactured home in the 2900 block of Road D.9 Northeast fully engulfed.

"There were five occupants of the home, four of which were able to get out. One, who was an elderly male, was not able to make it out of the house." Grant County Sheriff's spokesperson Kyle Foreman said.

Foreman says the fire was so involved that crews were unable to make entry into the house.

"It took over an hour for firefighters to bring the fire under control during which the house partially collapsed. Believing that the body was still inside the home, firefighters erred on the side of their own safety and waited until daylight to make the recovery." Foreman said.

The body of 78-year-old James Johnson was recovered from the charred remains of the home. The four people who escaped were not able to pull him out of the home.

"Mr. Johnson, I understand was either bedridden or require a lot of assistance with mobility. And the people who were able to make it out of the house were not able to make it to him to assist him out of the house." Foreman said.

Foreman says there's nothing suspicious about the fire.


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