The local non-profit group, The Brave Warrior Project, has received a $1,005,000 grant to purchase a property for use as a community center in Olds Station.

Brave Warrior's mission is to eliminate barriers for adults and children with developmental disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

The grant was awarded by the Dan Thompson Memorial Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account, which was created by the Washington State Legislature in 2005 to help fund community organizations that provide support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Brave Warrior's executive director, Erica Moshe, says the Project has a lot of plans for the property at 125 Easy Street.

"Our plan is to renovate the current space to make it usable for the programs that we offer right now. We're also going to be converting the garage into an art and music studio so we can offer art and music therapy. We also want to build another building on the acre where we can do events, education, and some therapeutic services."

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Moshe, who founded Brave Warrior in 2017, says the grant will go a long way toward making several of the Project's long-term goals a reality.

"It was always part of our dream to add more programs but the growth happened a little quicker than we had anticipated. But we're ready for it. We've been collecting data and listening to the needs of the families we serve, so we knew that this was needed within our community."

Moshe says Brave Warrior is currently serving over 100 individuals and their families every month through their various programs.

The Project's newly-purchased building offers 4,726 square feet of space and was originally built in 1955 prior to being renovated in 2016. The property most recently served as the former home of Central Washington School of Dental Assisting and Discovery Behavior Solutions.

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