Two Cashmere brothers charged in the shooting death a 22-year-old Cashmere man will go to trial after pleading not guilty. 

Twenty-four-year-old Jesus Torres-Lucatero pleaded not guilty to 2nd Degree Murder Monday for the death Gustavo Urbina-Sotelo, who was killed outside Cashmere Valley Bank last month. 

Twenty-two-year-old Guillermo Torres-Lucatero pleaded not guilty to first-degree rendering criminal assistance, after being thought to have driven Jesus to the scene of the shooting. 

Both men are set to go to trial in December in Chelan County Superior Court. 

Officers say the shooting took place during a late-night scuffle on September 23. 

According to court documents, Jesus admitted to police that he shot Urbina-Sotelo multiple times after fearing for his brother, who Urbina-Sotelo had reportedly attacked with a baseball bat. Jesus said he shot Urbina-Sotelo three times with a Glock 19 9mm hand gun.  

The fight in front of Cashmere Valley Bank was reportedly the culmination of two previous events - a confrontation between Urbina-Sotelo's younger brother and Torres-Lucatero's group, and beer bottles thrown at the front door of Urbina-Sotelo's home.  

Jesus Torres-Lucatero has a bail of $1 million, while Guillermo Torres-Lucatero has a bail of $500,000. Both are being held at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center. 

Both brothers will have Omnibus and Readiness court appearances next month before they’re scheduled for trial on the same date of December 6. 

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