Chelan County Commissioners are concerned about a proposal in front of the Link Transit Board to boost the number of representatives on the board. 

Commissioners discussed a move to increase the number of Wenatchee representatives on the board from one to three members, and to increase East Wenatchee's representation from one to two members. 

Commissioner Bob Bugert says the cities see an advantage to having more members. 

"There's a lot of projects that are accomplished through Link funding for public works," said Bugert. "A great example would be the City of Leavenworth, Link will be partially paying for the roundabout, and some of the traffic improvements there." 

Link Transit money is being used to build a number roundabouts and other public works projects in the two county area.

All three Chelan County Commissioners agreed Monday to initially oppose the expansion of the Link Transit Board, but want to hear more at the upcoming board meeting. 

Commissioners Bugert and Tiffany Gering are themselves members of the 12-person board. 

Bugert says the cities could gain influence on how Link Transit money is spent if the change is made. 

“It may have a very direct implication about decisions related to where funding goes,” Bugert said. 

He said there’s been no buildup in discussion about the proposal, but the board would be holding a public hearing on it at its next meeting, which is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 18. 

Bugert and Gering described the proposal as coming from the City of Wenatchee to increase the number of board members from 12 to 15 members, with Wenatchee picking up two members and East Wenatchee gaining one member. 

Commissioner Kevin Overbay agreed with Bugert and Gering at their Monday morning meeting to initially oppose the proposal, but wait to hear a presentation at the upcoming meeting. 

Both Chelan and Douglas counties have two representatives on the Link Transit Board, which are county commissioners in both cases. The other eight members are mayors or city councilors from Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Chelan, Rock Island, Entiat, Cashmere, Leavenworth and Waterville.  

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