Heritage Heights assisted living center in Chelan is getting more help from Chelan County on its remodel project. 

County Commissioners approved almost $100,000 this week to cover ongoing costs with the project. 

Commissioner Kevin Overbay says it'll be hard to justify any additional funding. 

"We will have poured over $350,000, or basically almost 10 percent of their project, coming from Chelan County," said Overbay. "We have to look at other entities as well." 

Commissioner Tiffany Gering thinks the center should apply for funding from Chelan PUD’s Public Power Benefit Program if it needs more money.  

“There are some parts of their project that I think would absolutely qualify for that funding,” Gering said, “So, I would encourage them to reach out there as well.”  

Heritage Heights is adding 10 beds to its facility and two end-of-life beds. 

It currently has 32 beds. The two end of life beds are being funded through an estate gift of just over $600,000. 

Chelan County economic services director Ron Cridlebaugh said the county is supplying money through its housing funding. 

Heritage Heights asked the county for $98,608. Of that sum, $58,608 will partially compensate for losses incurred by keeping the six rooms vacant during the remodel. The county’s contribution will cover the cost of three of those rooms. 

The remaining $40,000 requested will go toward wiring for a new generator to be installed as part of the remodel. 

Commissioners Overbay and Gering approved the funding with the stipulation that the $40,000 would only be released to cover the cost of wiring, and Heritage Heights would have to find another source to pay for the generator.  

Commissioner Shon Smith was not present for the vote. 

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