Chelan County Commissioners have a new webcast called Chelan County Connection. 

It's a spinoff of a podcast called The Lowdown with Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett, which has been running for about eight months. 

Longtime local broadcaster Randy Roadz says he packages the podcasts through his own company from what starts as a Zoom call between himself and a commissioner.  

"It's produced and sent to the county, so they can put it on their YouTube channel, and then put a link to it from their Facebook page," said Roadz. "The goal is to have transparency within the agencies, for example the sheriff's office, county commissioners and really let the public know what's going on." 

The commissioners’ podcast is recorded every other Tuesday and uploaded to the county's YouTube page by the following Thursday. 

Roadz says he was approached by county Public Information Officer Jill FitzSimmons about producing the presentation.  

 He says the podcasts provide a convenient way for residents to keep up with the commission's proceedings on their own schedule. 

“You know, part of the draw is that it’s on demand,” Roadz said. “Listeners and residents can listen to it on their time-frame. If they can’t get through the whole thing at one time, they can come back to it. And it’s there for perpetuity.”  

The first webcast of Chelan County Connection was recorded last week, with a new episode scheduled every other week, or twice per month. 

The first one featured Commissioner Kevin Overbay talking with Roadz about what commissioners hope to accomplish in their webcast. Commissioner Overbay also spoke about the 2023 budget process and an online auction of County surplus lands that is coming in December. 

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