The Chelan County Commission sided with the Sheriff's Office saying their discipline of Jennifer Tyler was appropriate in the Step 2 grievance that was heard earlier this month.

Sheriff Brian Burnett said he thought that would be the decision noting they went through a thorough process with several departments involved.

"We're not just going at this blind and [we're] trying to make sure that employees' rights are protected. At the same, doing a proper investigation and applying it to policy."

The next step would be arbitration, which in a past disciplinary matter with Tyler resulted in getting her job back, but with a short suspension.

Tyler says she also expected this decision, citing past precedent in the Commission not going against an elected official.

"It's very disheartening to hear the decision, but I expect moving forward through arbitration another arbitration win and then it's just sad to say we start that process over again. I had hoped to avoid that and just go back to work."

Tyler says she believes she was unlawfully terminated and will go through arbitration and also plans to file a civil suit.

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