Newly elected Chelan County office holders could be sworn in at the end of this month. 

County Commissioner Kevin Overbay said Monday the date is not locked down, but the swearing in could take place on December 28th or 29th. 

Overbay also told his fellow commissioners that he's already met with Sheriff Elect Mike Morrison over budgetary matters. 

"There may be, even though there's a large ask from the sheriff's office, it may not all be fulfilled," said Overbay. "So, we're still working through that process, and so, he's well aware of that."  

Overbay said he met with Morrison for about three hours, and suggested fellow commissioners Bob Bugert (who is retiring) and Tiffany Gering engage in discussions with the sheriff elect. 

Morrison will be joined by incoming District Judge Jon Volyn, County Clerk-elect Marty Young and New County Commissioner Shon Smith in taking over their posts on January 1st. 

Overbay said he’d been in conversations with Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore over the swearing in process.  

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