Chelan County is in a state of emergency.

In response to the still-raging Pioneer Fire, Commissioner Kevin Overbay signed on Friday a resolution declaring a state of emergency.

Overbay chairs the Board of County Commissioners. He has the authority to declare this resolution - provided that he first consults with safety officials and/or Chelan County Emergency Management.

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A formal declaration will come forth on Monday at the Board of County Commissioners meeting. This will be signed by Commissioners Tiffany Gering and Shon Smith.

Because this is an emergency, the usual hurdles and formalities are a non-issue. Commissioners can avail themselves of "local resources" without having to bid for said resources, according to a Chelan County press release.

The Pioneer Fire continues to exert a heavy toll. Since Saturday, the fire has been raging on the north shore of Lake Chelan. It now stands at 1,756 acres, according to Chelan County.

Level 3 evacuations are in place for Rex Creek to slightly north of Moore Point.

Meanwhile the Forest Service has moved to cordon off a number of recreational areas along the north shore. These closures will remain in effect until October 1.

Below is a list of campgrounds and trails that, for now, are off-limits to the public.

• Moore Point
• Prince Creek
• Cascade Creek
• Trail No. 1248 (Lower Fish Creek)
• Trail No. 1248.01
• Trail No. 1248.02
• Trail No. 1248.03
• Trail No. 1248.11
• Trail No. 1248.1 (North Fork Fish Creek)
• Trail No. 1247 (Lakeshore) from Prince Creek to Moore Point
• Trail No. 1254 (North Fork Prince Creek)
• Trail No. 1255 (Prince Creek)
• Trail No. 1250 (Round Lake/Horton Butte)
• Trail No. 1250.1
• Trail No. 1250.2
• Trail No. 1259.11
• Trail No. 1249 (Surprise Lake)
Click here for the precise boundaries of the Pioneer Fire Area Closure.

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